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Our Learning Environment

Where play and learning go hand in hand

Over time, we’ve designed and adapted our nursery to meet the highest standards
of today’s world of Early Years education.

By providing a supportive and stimulating environment, our aim is to ensure we meet each and every child's needs.

Yorley Barn Nursery at night

Our Nursery

Yorley Barn Nursery School is located on a working farm next door to a livery yard. Horses, ducks, chickens, geese and tractors on our doorstep is why this makes us a unique setting.

Yorley Barn Nursery Reception

Front Reception

Our Barn overlooks a beautiful farm and woodland. The outdoor environment plays a major part in children's learning and we take full advantage of our fantastic location.

Yorley Barn Nursery Outdoors


We are lucky to have a spacious, secure outdoor area with a canopy which creates our outdoor classroom for learning outside in all weathers.


Home Corner

Imaginative play can be one of the most important activities for young children, it not only stimulates their imagination but can support them with their social development.

Yorley Barn Nursery Reading Corner

Literacy Area

Circle time takes place on 'red carpet'. A chance to practice speaking and listening skills. At other times it becomes a quiet area for children to enjoy looking at books and hearing stories.

Yorley Barn Nursery Sandpit

In The Sand

Our large sand pit promotes physical development. Large muscle skills develop as children dig, pour, sift and scoop. Eye-hand coordination and small muscle control improve as children learn to manipulate our sand accessories.

Yorley Barn Nursery All Weather Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor All Weather Classroom

A large canopy covers our outside classroom allowing outdoor learning all year round. Overlooking the farm and duck pond it certainly offers a unique learning experience come rain or shine.

Everyone benefits from learning outdoors, especially children. In addition to the educational value of nature-based activities are the health benefits of getting outdoors. Some of the other benefits include:

Improved mood and happier pupils.

Enhanced appreciation for the outdoors through interaction.

Improved learning experience for tactile and experiential learners.

Improved social skills.

Incorporation of physical activity across various subject areas.

Yorley Barn Babies

Yorley Barn Babies

Our littlest pupils have their very own specially designed 'home away from home' room where children are allowed to develop at their own pace all while learning through play. Our Educators support babies' in-built language abilities by talking and listening to them and tuning in to their needs. Responding to and making sense of the sounds our babies make encourages them to talk back. The resources in the baby room are carefully chosen to motivate babies to interact and talk. We recognise that every interaction is important, no matter how small.

Yorley Barn Nursery Garden

Our Garden

Our Garden has been carefully designed to please all five of our senses: Sight, Touch, Sound, Scent and Taste. Children are born playful and curious so here at Yorley Barn we understand the importance of creating stimulating Early Years play environments where children can make choices and pursue independence. Our multi-sensory garden  experience helps children gain and retain knowledge more effectively, whilst making connections with the real world.

Yorley Barn Nursery Gardening Area


Gardening offers so many fun and interesting opportunities for children, and teaches them invaluable lessons. This is where they learn about the different species of plants and vegetables and what those plants need to help them grow. They also get to learn about the different seasons, weather and the affects they have on our nursery plants. Its also an amazing opportunity to learn about different shapes and colours, and different animals and insects they might come across while tending to their produce.

Learning at Yorley Barn Nursery School

The World

Our programme of multicultural education enables children to become responsible members of society with an understanding of cultures and lifestyles throughout our world as well as in our own multicultural society. At Yorley Barn Nursery we teach children to appreciate what it means to be a positive member of a diverse multicultural society. We strongly believe that we have a responsibility to inspire sound moral values and respect for other people, their property, culture and beliefs.


2 - 5 Classroom

Our air conditioned classroom has been arranged into zones to support different areas of children's early years development. Display boards are used to encourage children's learning and understanding of the world around us. Our carefully planned spaces promote high engagement and quality learning opportunities which consist of a number of clearly defined areas that complement each other with a clear sense of flow around the room. When particular areas of provision are resourced and organised effectively they become the best way to enable children to follow their interests and explore the things that matter to them.

Yorley Barn Nursery Imaginative Play Area

Imaginative Play

Effective role play gives children the opportunity to try out risky ideas in a safe environment. It allows them to explore boundaries, make sense of the world and develop their own identities. Through pretend play, children are learning to understand the basic principles of society and how it functions, and the important rules and routines of everyday life. Imaginative play is vital because it allows children to revisit familiar and unfamiliar events, whilst also supporting the development of their imagination, through real and familiar, to complete fantasy.

Yorley Barn Nursery Mud Pie Kitchen

Mud Pie Kitchen

Mud, mud glorious mud! Oh the joys of mud! Since the dawn of time children have been drawn to mud puddles and dirt as a part of their play. Mixing soil, water, and other natural materials like pebbles, leaves, or grass provides children endless possibilities for learning and fun. Many of us have fond memories of creating mud pies, digging for worms, or making streams and valleys in the mud. But it’s not just about fun, children benefit from messy, muddy play.

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