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2011, 2016, 2022

2009 - 2018

Yorley Barn was registered as a Sole Trader business 

registration number EY417342

Ofsted awards gained

2009 Good with 6 areas of Outstanding 

2011 Outstanding

2016 Outstanding 


Yorley Barn changed their registration from a Sole Trader to a Limited Company

(Yorley Barn Ltd) which meant a whole new registration.

New registration number EY561764

There were no changes to either our address or the registered person.

Ofsted award gained

2022 Outstanding


We continually strive to provide the best learning environment for your children.

Here's what Ofsted had to say about Yorley Barn.

"There is a buzz of excitement heard from the children as they enter this highly stimulating and nurturing nursery. They happily part from their parents and carers. Staff use their excellent teaching skills to ignite children's curiosity and motivate them to be independent learners. Children are highly inquisitive; they ask questions to further their knowledge"

"Partnerships with parents are superb. Parents share the staff's passion for the setting and are extremely happy with the regular communications they receive on their child's development. Parents comment that the nursery is 'amazing' and 'wonderful'. They speak very highly of the

care and learning provided for their children

and the excellent progress that they have made in their learning and development"

"Staff expertly build on children's knowledge and interests and what they need to learn next. Children make excellent progress and develop the key skills needed to be ready for school"

"Managers and staff work closely and effectively together creating a secure team which is motivated to provide the best care and learning opportunities for children"

"Extremely clear and effective systems are in place to ensure that children’s welfare is protected and promoted"

"The nursery has clear, robust procedures in place to evaluate and monitor their excellent practice on a regular basis"

"Staff create an ambitious curriculum for all children with an abundance of experiences and opportunities that enhance their learning"

"All staff have an excellent knowledge of the Early Years Foundation Stage and work together to plan a range of activities around individual children's interests to enhance and fully support their progress"

"Enthusiastic, motivated staff enable children to become active independent learners, sparking their interest and participation in a wide variety of learning opportunities and experiences each and every day"

"Behaviour is excellent and staff are consistent in their approach, providing clear and fair boundaries. Staff are very good role models for the children, being calm and approachable, taking time to encourage and praise"

For full copies of all our Ofsted reports, please feel free to email the nursery.


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